Artist statement:
Artist Nova Lee believes that beauty describes more than an appearance -
it exults a feeling, "It is my ambition to create work that will lead the viewer
to feel beautiful." We have essentially lost touch with our senses and the ambition
of aura art is to heal with beauty reconnecting us to our inner light through the use
of color and light.

Aura art took three years to develop and is now made by painting with vibrant
translucent colors on a white translucent Plexiglas surface, illuminated from behind
with rope light. "My first pieces looked like fireflies trapped in a jar." An evenly lit light
surface was made possible by using rope light and calculating the distance
between each strand of light and the depth of the box. Some pieces use the light
source to its advantage by creating shadows and highlights that accentuate the
image. In addition many pieces also incorporate aroma and crystal into the design
to further enhance its healing properties.

A background in the somatic arts has led Nova to develop art work based on
charkas, light, color and aromatherapy. If diet and exercise heals the body then
it is beauty that heals the soul. After receiving a bachelor's degree in Geography I
traveled the world and was sublimely inspired by the beauty of the natural world.
This continues to be a theme for my artwork. To afford my travels I worked at many
spas and wellness centers further developing my understanding of the healing arts.
The combination of travel and a passion for natural science and the healing arts
lead to the creation of aroma aura art.